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DMP Lite package 2 (monthly fee)


My Kickstarter R4200 p.m.

Focus area: Facebook

ADM team will manage FB

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Digital Marketing Package 2

My Kickstarter R4199 p.m. (Incl VAT)

Focus area: Facebook

ADM team will manage FB

2 x Ads will be running at all times (Budget dependant) 

Update FB Cover Image (Content to be supplied by customer) 

Update FB Profile Image (Content to be supplied by customer) 

Strategic targeting to client’s audience

Post creation and resizing (Customer content)

Selected Stock images

The posts created will be posted 8 times during the month

Monthly Report

Recommended Ad spend R650 per week (not included)

T&Cs apply

Post content to be supplied by the Client.


Setup of Facebook Business Page: R862.50 (Incl VAT)

Ad spend is excluded 

All ADM work is payable in advance. 

Please take note that if a Website traffic analysis is requested, it is charged separately and payable in advance. 

With Kickstarter package: Website / FB traffic analysis (R4000 assessment) charged separately upfront 

Visit our website: www.ashka.co.za

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