Secure payment

Payment methods

  • Payfast: Visa, MasterCard & EFT

    Payment is the final step of the purchasing process. It should never be an obstacle. Our store pays special attention to this point as making payment in a secure environment is a primary concern of individuals. With e-commerce growth, and more recently the m-commerce evolution, it is essential to choose a payment solution optimized to Smartphones and tablets. It is equally important to choose the solution which offers a specific selection of credit cards that are most popular in the merchants' target markets.

  • SID Instant EFT (available soon)

    SiD Secure EFT is a secure payment method that allows you to make quick online payments without a credit card. Quick and easy payment on any device. Pay directly from your bank account. No waiting for funds to clear.


    Direct EFT from your bank to our bank. The order process is longer.

  • Finance

    We offer finance on our electronic products for your convenience. All you have to do is click on the "apply for finance" button and follow the steps. For any questions on the finance process, click here